LX-LAB   Douglas DC-3                                    (c/n  13847/25292)


                                      That Luxembourg Airlines had strong technical and financial ties with Scottish Aviation Ltd is
                                      evidenced by the livery carried on this DC-3.  The airline was founded in 1948 with two DC-3s
                                      (the other being LX-LAA).  Services were flown from Luxembourg to London, Zurich and
                                      Frankfort on varying days of the week.  The carrier was re-organized in 1961 to become Luxair.
                                      LX-LAB was a former C-47A-30-DK (43-48031) delivered to the RAF as  Dakota III KG748.
                                      It was civilianized in 1948 as G-AIOD for Scottish Airlines who seconded it to the newly formed
                                      Luxembourg carrier.  It later was sold in neighboring Belgium as OO-APB.