LN-NPN  Airspeed AS.10 Oxford                           (c/n  4337)


                                        After WW II Wideroes operated a number of smaller types on their charter and scheduled
                                        services.  Six or so ex-RAF Airspeed Oxfords were acquired.  This rare image came from
                                        Wideroes in the early 1950s.   Note glazed nose, indicating it may have been used for aerial
                                        photography.   This aircraft was ex-RAF PK285 which was originally civilianized as LN-LAE.
                                        After service with Wideroes it apparently went to the Royal Norwegian Air Force with coding
                                        V-AY.   Ken Tilley advises other known Oxfords were LN-LAD (c/n 4326, ex PK262 to
                                        RNAF as V-AX);  LN-NPP (c/n unknown, became V-AU) and LN-NPR (c/n 2807 which
                                        became V-AG).   The last two wound up as fire practice aircraft.  (Would have burned rather
                                        easily, I should think!).