LN-MOB  Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas                              (c/n  44927)

                                         SAS had long been (since 1954) a pioneer in the "Over the Pole" routes from both the USA and
                                         Japan to Scandinavia.  Delivery of a fleet of 16 DC-7Cs allowed them to continue this tradition on
                                         a non-stop basis.   The DC-7C was also instrumental in making SAS the first airline to operate a
                                         round-the-world route over Polar regions.   LN-MOB was the second aircraft delivered to the
                                         airline and went into operation in August of 1956.    As has been stated elsewhere, the DC-7Cs
                                         were short-lived in airline service due to the delivery of the first jets in the early 1960s and LN-MOB
                                         was converted to a freighter and went to work for Riddle Airlines (as a DC-7CF) out of Miami in
                                         1960.  After a lengthy career as a freighter it was, until the 1990s, still in storage in Khartoum.  In
                                         view of the political situation in the Sudan today, I seriously doubt it is still in one piece.