LN-IAV  Short S.25 Sandringham 6                              (c/n  SH.48C)


                                    In 1948 DNL ordered three Short Sandringham 6 'boats for their coastal route from Oslo
                                    to Tromso.  I do not have decent photographs of any of them and can only offer the blurred
                                    images acquired from the airline in the late 1940s.  LN-IAV above, was the first. The second
                                    was LN-IAW and I am fairly certain that the image below is of that machine, although the exact
                                    identity of it is hidden by the A.S.V.6c radome under the port wing.  Conditions on these routes
                                    through the fjords were exceptionally difficult and, in the event, all three were lost in accidents. 
                                    Listed below are the three original Sandringhams of DNL, their prior RAF identities (when they
                                    were Sunderlands), DNL's name and their fates:

                                                            Reg            C/n         RAF Serial            Name                         Fate
                                                        LN-IAU      SH.51C       ML807            Bamse Brakar           Cr near Harstad, 15 May 1950
                                                        LN-IAV      SH.48C       ML809            Kvitbjorn                  Cr at Tjelsund    28 August 1947
                                                        LN-IAW     SH.52C       JM720             Bukken Bruse           Cr near Trondheim 2 October 1948