LN-DAB  Junkers W.34W                            (c/n  2832)


                                        I suspect this W,34 was originally built as a floatplane (although in later years it had a wheel under-
                                        carriage) since it is listed in Junkers records as a W.34W.       It was actually the first aircraft of the
                                        newly structured  Det Norske Luftfartselskap Fred Oslen A/S delivered in June of 1935 and named
                                        'Ternen' .    It was initially operated on domestic services along the Norwegian coast, although just
                                        prior to WW II it appears to have been converted to a landplane for mail service between Oslo
                                        and Copenhagen.   Although captured by the Nazis in April 1940, it survived the war and was not
                                        withdrawn from service until 1946..  The grainy picture above came from an early DNL handout.