K-130    Airco DH.16                           (c/n   DH.16/1)


                                  I'm not entirely happy with cropped images, but I discovered this one in an old album so thought
                                  I'd include it.    The DH.16 was a four passenger (as long as they weren't too large) development
                                  of the DH.9   Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd is generally accepted as being the UK's first airline
                                  company.  It was owned by George Holt Thomas, who, in fact, was also the owner of the manu-
                                  facturer of the machine - Airco (the Aircraft Manufacturing Company), with Geoffrey de Havilland
                                  as its chief designer.  K-130 was re-registered G-EACT in 1919.  At least nine DH.16s were built,
                                  and, in fact, this is the aircraft type with which KLM commenced its services in 1920.  When  Air-
                                  craft Transport & Travel went out of business in 1920, most of its DH.16s were stored at Croydon. 
                                  G-EACT was cancelled from the UK register in 1920.