K-126    Westland Limousine I                                    (c/n  WAC.1)


                                     This Westland Aircraft Ltd image is the only one I have of a "K-" registered machine.  This series
                                     was allotted temporarily to new aircraft in 1919.  K-126, the prototype, became G-EAFO shortly
                                     afterwards.  Production of the Limousine appears to have been limited to seven aircraft, including
                                     the prototype seen above.   The six production machines were known as Limousine IIs.  One of
                                     these (G-EAMV) went to Newfoundland with Australian adventurer/aviator Sidney Cotton.
                                     K-126 (G-EAFO) was destroyed in a spectacular crash at R.A.F. Netheravon when it was
                                     struck by a Fairey Fawn whilst the latter was taking off.