I-EGEO  Savoia-Marchetti S,66                                       (c/n  ?)


                                This image of a S.66 of Ala Littoria's fleet came from the Barry Maclean collection.  Barry's caption
                                stated that the shot was taken at Alexandria in 1939.  Clearly this is not the venue since I have been
                                to Alexandria and can attest that the local terrain is flat as a dab!  I was recently (June 2007) contact-
                                ed by Ronald Guy in Israel who indicates that the backdrop is probably either Haifa or Trieste, (and
                                most likely Haifa).  Ala Littoria, at the time, had a route, flown by S.66s, from Trieste to Haifa, with
                                intermediate stops in Brindisi, Athens and Rhodes.