I-DALV  Douglas DC-4                            (c/n  10351)


                                        I-DALV (the name "Citta de Napoli" is clearly visible on the original Alitalia print) was
                                        one of  four DC-4s operated by the national Italian airline.   It was formerly Pan American's
                                        N88919 "Clipper Panama" and before that a USAAF C-54A-15-DC (42-72246).
                                        It was Douglas' 25th conversion of a C-54 to full DC-4 standard.  Following its stint with
                                        Alitalia it went to California Eastern Airlines as N1436V in 1954 and then to Air Charter
                                       Ltd as G-AOFW.  In 1964 it was converted to an Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair..