I-DALL  Savioa-Marchetti SM.95                  (c/n   11)


                                        The SM.95 was developed as a four engined version of the S.75.  Although the protoype flew as
                                        early as 1943, production did not get under way until after WW II.  Only 23 SM.95s were built.
                                        Alitalia acquired six of them.  The Italian trans-Atlantiuc airline LATI had three for their long range
                                        South American services and SAIDE, in Egypt, operated four. The rest were Italian military
                                        machines.  I-DALL is seen above at the old Ciampino Airport in Rome.  Note PSP (pierced
                                        steel planking) hardstand - a left over from WW II.  The shot below shows the same aircraft
                                        (named "Marco Polo") over the city of Rome.