I-AXUM  Capronia Ca 133                                                         (c/n  unknown)


                                  The Italians were certainly addicted to three motor transports. Just look at the size of those spats.
                                  The Ca 133 was an improved version of the earlier Ca 100 and was used mainly on Ala Littoria's
                                  routes to Italy's newly acquired African colonies (Abyssinia, Somaliland, et al).    In fact, judging
                                  by the gentleman in the topee this shot was probably taken in sub-Sahara.  I wonder what function
                                  the bloke with the flag had?  Ground control?  Anyway, some 275 Ca 133s were built, most of them
                                  military machines.  Ala Littoria operated a dozen civilian ones.    Below is a color drawing of the
                                  same aircraft.  If the artist is still around and would like credit for this nice work, I would be delighted
                                  to identity him/her.