HB-IXI  Junkers Ju 86B-0                     (c/n  0008)


                                 Swissair only operated two Junkers Ju 86s.  The other was HB-IXE (c/n 0951), also a B-0
                                 but which, after conversion to Z1 standard with BMW 132 engines, was re-registered HB-IXA
                                 I have never seen a photograph of the latter, and am making the assumption that the image above
                                 is of the first one, HB-IXI.  The take off from the John Player & Sons cigarette card card (below)
                                 gives an impression of the general livery, although the photograph shows a cheat line, whereas the
                                 color image does not.  Finally, at the foot of the page is a very rough image of this aircraft from the
                                 Kenneth Tilley collection.   HB-IXI was delivered in April of 1936, and HB-IXE in February of
                                 1937.  The latter machine was destroyed at Constance in July 1939 due to an engine fire. I believe
                                 HB-IXI survived WW II and was withdrawn from service somewhere around 1950.