HB-ITE  Douglas DC-2-115D                              (c/n  1322)


                                     It's tough to pick out this silver and black DC-2 from the silver and black background of the Alps.
                                     According to this post-card narrative, HB-ITE was over "Voralpen und Mythen" when this shot was
                                     taken.   Swissair purchased four DC-2s new from Fokker, the European Douglas agents in 1934/35. 
                                     These were augmented with two other "previously owned" machines in 1936.  HB-ITE was sold
                                     to Phoenix Airlines in South Africa in 1952 as ZS-DFW.  It crashed and was written off near
                                     Khartoum later that same year.
                                     The take off of the John Player & Sons cigarette card, below, appears to illustrate the first  DC-2
                                     acquired by Swissair, HB-ITI (c/n 1321).