HB-IBO  Douglas DC-6B                           (c/n  44087)


                                  As replacements for its DC-4s, Swissair acquired 7 DC-6Bs in the early 1950s.  HB-IBO was
                                  delivered on 14 October 1953.  This aircraft is carrying "The Airline of Switzerland" aft of the
                                  large Swissair titling.   In this shot, taken at Geneva, it looks almost like it might be on the compass
                                  rose, although I cannot discern any ground markings. HB-IBO was sold to Olympic Airways in
                                  1964 as SX-DAM.   Many years later this grand old lady  wound up in the US as a fire bomber
                                  and was last seen derelict at Santa Rosa, California in 1994.