HB-IBK  Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas                (c/n  45061)


                                  Here's a nice manufacturer's photograph of Swissair's first DC-7C Seven Seas over Long Beach
                                  harbor on a pre-delivery test flight.   Swissair purchased five of these, the ultimate in piston engined
                                  airliners, in 1956 for use on their trans-Atlantic service from Zurich to New York. . They weren't
                                  in operation long, being quickly usurped by the onset of the pure jets.  This one was sold to SAS
                                  (who had a capacity problem at the time) in 1962 as LN-MOG..  They only retained it for a year
                                  before selling it to the French Air Force (L'Armee de L'Air) as 45061/85-CA   It was preserved
                                  and wound up in the Musee de L'Air at Le Bourget Airport in Paris.