HB-HOF  Percival P.54 Survey Prince                            (c/n P54/042)


                                     This aircraft was a specialized version of the P.50 Prince.  Various versions were built for both
                                     aerial photogrpahy (with cameras mounted in the floor of the fuselage) and also for survey work
                                     equipped with aerial magnetometers.   The aircraft was registered to Eidgenossischen Vermes-
                                     sungsdirektion (Survey) Service Technique du Department Militaire Federal - STM of Berne,
.                                    a branch of the Swiss Federal Government. The nose titling reads "Mensuration Cadastrale
.    HB-HOF crashed at La Punt-Chamues, on route to St. Moritz  on 24th July 1957,
                                     when it experienced an engine failure.