HA-TSA  Douglas C-47A-90-DL                            (c/n  20492)


                                         Normally, when identifying civilianized C-47s I refer to them as DC-3CS1C3Gs.  In this case I will
                                         leave this one as a C-47A.   On 19 November 1951, as USAF 43-16026 this aircraft was on a flight
                                         from its base at Erding in Bavaria to Belgrade.  While letting down on approach to Belgrade the pilot
                                         got lost and strayed into Hungarian air space.   The aircraft was  forced down and interned.  The crew
                                         was unharmed and eventually returned to the west after a show trial.  The C-47A was then used by
                                         the Hungarian Air Force until 1952 when it passed to Malev.  On 6 August 1961 it was giving joy
                                         rides over Budapest when it stalled and crashed into a house in the suburb of Zudlo, East Pest, killing
                                         all 27 passengers and crew aboard plus 3 persons on the ground.    It was found that the pilot had
                                         'friends' on board (and in the cockpit) to whom he was showing off, entered a steep turn and stalled
                                         the aircraft.      Below it is seen in company with HA-LIB.  Hungarian aviation historian Endre Zsaludek
                                         indicates that this shot was taken before the 1956 revoluation.  At the foot of the page is a reproduction
                                         of the manufacturer's plate of c/n 20492.These images are from the Gábor Toth collection.