HA-SMB  Savoia Marchetti SM.75                             (c/n   32015)


                                         Malert acquired five SM.75s in 1938.  They were HA-SMA thru HA-SME.  The airliner was
                                         powered by three 750 hp Alfa Romeo 126 RC 34 radial engines.   All five of Malert's SM.75s
                                         were impressed during WW II and converted to troop tyransports by the Manfred Weiss factory
                                         in Budapest, HA-SMB becoming E-102.     The above image is from the
Gábor Toth collection,
                                         and Gábor also advises, anedotally, that the Hungarian pilots were not too enamored of these
                                         machines since the engines were unreliable, and there were problems with control ( although he
                                         doesn't elucidate just what those problems were)..   Incidentally, most SM.75s (regardless of
                                         airline) were finished in a rather attractive yellow overall, and Malert's were no exception.