HA-MOC  Ilyushin IL-18                              (c/n  181002903)


                                        The arrow markings on the taxi way appear to be conflicting as this Malev IL-18 wends its way out
                                        to the active, circa early 1960s.   Image via Gábor Toth.       Hungarian aviation historian Dr. Szabo
                                        Miklos advises that the venue was London Heathrow.  Note Lloyd International  DC-4 in the back-
                                        ground.   HA-MOC was delivered to Malev in March 1961.  On 28 August 1971 whilst descending
                                        on an ILS approach to Copenhagen Airport's Runway 22L, the IL-18 flew into the sea.   Only two
                                        passengers survived out of a total of 34 souls on board.