HA-MAA  Ilyushin Il-14M                                 (c/n  147001325)


                                   The Il-14 was a short-range, low wing, 18-36 seat piston-powered airliner developed in 1950. In
                                   addition to being built by the parent company, license built production was also undertaken by Avia
                                   in Czechoslovakia and Dresdner Flugzeugbau in the GDR.   In all, 1,112 machines of all marques
                                   were built.    Malev received its first examples in 1957 (HA-MAA,-MAB, -MAC).  The airliner
                                   had a greater range than the old Li-2s and hence new destinations were served within both eastern
                                   and western Europe.   When retired in 1970 all Malev's Il-14s (by then numbering 10 aircraft) were
                                   absorbed into Aeroflot's fleet.   Photo above via
Gábor Toth.