HA-LIC  Lisunov Li-2                                    (c/n  18423507)


                                           The above image is an enlargement from the very nice ramp shot which appears in the entry for
                                           HA-LIG.  In the shot below HA-LIC is seen loading and illustrates the starboard side door of
                                           the Li-2, taken, no doubt from the plans and drawings of the earlier Douglas versions of the
                                           DC-3, from which it was licence-built.    Delivered to Maszovlet in 1946, it was formerly with
                                           TARS (probably ex YR-TAH, although there is confusion as to which TARS machines became
                                           which when they were seconded to the Hungarian carrier).    HA-LIC, like many other Li-2s
                                           was scrapped in 1961 and was used, until destroyed, as a fire fighting training unit.