HA-JUF    Junkers Ju-52/3m                     (c/n  J6360)


                                           HA-JUF was originally delivered in 1937 to Malert as HA-JUD.   Just why it was re-registered
                                           HA-JUF in 1939 will probably remain a question buried in the antiquities of time.    By 1939 the
                                           airline was operating seven of these reliable work horses .  In these photographs, from the Gábor
                                           Toth collection, it is seen (above) in original markings, (probably at Budapest in 1939) and (below).
                                           wearing WW II identification stripes.  It would appear, in this latter shot, that the registration letters
                                           lacked outlining in a contrasting color where they crossed the stripes.      HA-JUF was impressed
                                           into service with the Hungarian Air Force in 1942 as U-865 and was destroyed by Allied (Russian?)
                                           action at Csakvar in October of 1944.