HA-FOA  Focke-Wulf FW.58 Kl-2  Weihe                             (c/n 3205)


                                        The Focke-Wulf FW.58 was designed in 1935 as a 6-seat crew training, light transport and
                                        communications aircraft.       Most were powered by two 240 hp Argus AS 10C 8 cylinder
                                        inverted Vee inline engines. Incredibly, some 1,350 of all variants of them were built.  Of that
                                        number, by far the most were used by the Luftwaffe.   Malert, in Hungary acquired three, the
                                        first of which, is seen above in war time identity band markings.  Photo via the Gábor Toth
                                        collection.   It carried the name 'Zselyi Aladar'   All three were  impressed into the Hungarian
                                        Air Force in 1940 and received the military serials S001 to S 003.  HA-FOA was wfu in Aug
                                        1943 and the other two a year later.