H-NAED   Fokker F.VIII                                                                           (c/n 5041)


                                      H-NAED was one of 11 Fokker F.VIIIs built (and three of those were built in Hungary by
                                      Manfred Weiss).  When Gnome-Rhone in France began building the new Bristol Jupiter engine
                                      under licence, they were able to boost it to a rating of 500 hp.  Fokker decided, then, in the
                                      F.VIII to eliminate the third engine (although it had originally been design as a tri-motor) and
                                      were able to use the nose section as an additional baggage hold.   H-NAED was re-registered
                                      PH-AED in 1929 and then went to the Dutch Antilles as PJ-AED in 1937, (see image below
                                      taken in Curacao in 1938).  In 1939 some reason this was changed to PJ-AID in 1939, but
                                      very soon afterward (April 1939) it was sold in Venezuela, although was written off after a'
                                      very short while on the LV- register.