H-NABW   Fokker F.V                                                c/n  2050


                                        Only one Fokker F.V was built.  Its first flight took place at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport in
                                        December of 1922.   It was leased for several months in 1923 to the German carrier Deruluft,
1                                      and in 1926 was sold in Austria.  My shot was came from a Fokker pamphlet received in the
                                        1940s.  A Dutch Fokker aficionado advises that the Fokker F.V was interesting in that it could
                                        be flown as either a mono -or- biplane, as the lower wing could be taken off!  The object of
                                        this exercise is obscure although clearly more lift would be generated with the biplane config-
                                        uration, and was possibly offered when the aircraft was being used as a freighter. i.e one could
                                        have higher speed with less lift or lower speed with more lift.  In the event the idea (and the
                                        design) was dropped.