H-MACF  Junkers F.13                                 (c/n  J.0640)


                                        Another of Aero Express' float mounted Junkers F.13 on the Danube at Budapest, circa 1923.
                                        Photo via the Gábor Toth collection.  This aircraft was formerly DLH's D-228, seconded to
                                        Aero Express in July 1923.      It remained with them until January 1926 when it was sold to
                                        Aerolot in Poland as P-PALE.    In 1929 it was re-registered SP-AEE.     Appears to have
                                        been withdrawn from use in 1933.. 

                                        Footnote:  The Kozlekedesi Muzeum in Budapest has had a F.13 on display since 1934..
                                        Probably the only one in the world.    The main part of this aircraft came from F13b, c/n 574,
                                        which was delivered to Ad Astra in July 1921 as CH59.   The story goes that it was hijacked
                                        by Charles I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary on 20 October 1921 with the intent
                                        of  returning to his home country to reestablish the monarchy (thus becoming the first known
                                        air hijacking in history!).   In the event CH59 was confiscated by the Hungarian government.
                                        It was in service there until 1931, when it was damaged by a hangar fire. The wings of CH66,
                                        also delivered to Ad Astra in July 1921, were used for the repair of CH59.    In 1934 the air-
                                        craft was withdrawn from service and went into the museum.   Its last complete restoration
                                        was in 1968, retaining, evidently, both registrations of CH59 and CH66