H-MACE  Junkers F.13                         (c/n  J.0639)


                                        Aero Express was more or less forced out of existence when the countries of south-east
                                        Europe began forming their own national airline companies, thus divorcing themselves
                                        from the German-sponsored,  Junkers held consortium.     In the case of Hungary the
                                        airline which took over Aero Express' routes (by then no longer all seaplane services)
                                        was Magyar Legiforgalmi (Malert).    H-MACE had come in from Germany in February
                                        1923 where it had been D-227.       Malert did not want it and in 1927 it went to the
                                        Spanish carrier UAE (Union Aerea Espanola) as M-CBBA, but returned to Germany
                                        soon after as D-227 where it was used as a test bed for metal propellors.  Returning to
                                        UAE in 1931, it was re-registered EC-BBA, and named 'Gallina'.       It is believed to
                                        have been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.