H-MACA  Junkers F.13                            (c/n  J.0632)


                                           All the Hungarian entries on this site are from the files of Gábor Toth and I am indebted to him
                                           for providing this historic material.     .Aero Express (Hungary) was formed on 1 January 1923
                                           and began seaplane services from Budapest to Vienna with Junkers F.13 floatplanes.    It was
                                           part of a larger network under the Junkers Aircraft Works umbrella which provided service to
                                           Munich, Zurich and Geneva.  The whole route was known as the Transeuropa Union, which,
                                           in fact, was a forerunner of DLH - Deutsche Luft Hansa. .   H-MACA was, I believe, Aero
                                           Express' first aircraft and was delivered in December 1922.  It was returned to Germany briefly
                                           as D-216 before being on-sold to Transadriatica in 1923 as I-BBCA where it served faithfully
                                           for the next dozen years or so before being retired in July 1935.