G-EBJM  Bristol 91 Brownie                                 (c/n  6528)


                                       The ulta-light Brownie was built to compete in the Air Ministry Light Aeroplane Trials held at
                                       Lympne, in Kent, in 1924.   Three Brownies were built with varying types of construction, one
                                       of which won the second prize in its class.  Following the trials a sister aircraft, G-EBJL, was
                                       used by the Bristol and Wessex Club at Filton for a number of years.  In fact, the Brownie
                                       was probably one of the more robust designs to come out of the trials.   It was designed by
                                       Captain Frank Barnwell who, when visiting Farnborough in 1928, racked G-EBJM up in a
                                       tree.and wrote it off.   (The design really were light!).