G-EBDR  Bristol 72 Racer                                    (c/n  6148)


                                The two Bristol Aeroplane Company images on this page illiustrate the very advanced (and very
                                ugly) experimental racer developed in 1922 to exploit the new Bristol Jupiter IV nine cylinder air
                                cooled radial engine.   Note odd open ended spinner and ducted cooling, clearly visible on the shot
                                below.  The craft featured a manually retractable undercarriage.   It turns out that the wings were
                                too flexible and hence use of the ailerons produced a reverse effect when applied.  The test pilot,
                                Captain Cyril Uwins was able to effect turns using the rudder only.   Flaps were virtually unknown
                                at this time and hence the high landing speed, coupled with other control problems persuaded Bristols
                                to abandon the project.