G-EAUE  Bristol 36 Seely Tourer                              (c/n  5870)


                                        In 1920 the Air Ministry organized competitions at Martlesham Heath for large and small
                                        commercial aircraft.  Financial awards were given to encourage further development of
                                        promising types.  Bristol entered the small class with a revamped a Bristol Fighter.  This
                                        aircraft had a smaller engine (a 240 h.p Siddeley Puma) than its military equivalent , with
                                        larger wings to decrease the wing loading.   In addition, the fuselage was deepened and
                                        a single passenger seat was placed in a comfortable cabin where the old air gunner's
                                        position was.   Needless to say the above bird did not win any prizes but was relegated
                                        to test purposes at Filton and then passed to the RAF as J7004.  Heaven knows what
                                        they did with it.  Many references state that this aircraft was known as the Puma, but
                                        Bristol's assured me (back in 1948) that it was known by them as the Seely Tourer.