G-EART  Bristol 47 Tourer                        (c/n  5876)


                                   There were four model Bristol Tourers.  The Type 27 was developed from the Bristol Fighter
                                   of WW I fame with an open cockpit and two seats in tandem.  The Type 28 had a rear cockpit
                                   for two passengers which was enclosed with a coupe top for comfort.  The Type 29 was a
                                   sporting 2 seat tourer with a Puma engine, whilst the Model 47, seen above, was basically a
                                   Type 28 but with the open "sporting" cockpit.   When one flew such a machine with Instone
                                   Air Lines one was issued a full flying kit (possibly even with a parachute?).  G-EART was
                                   stricken off the register in February, 1921.