G-EAAV  Vickers Vimy  Commercial                           (No known c/n)


                                     This photograph, from the Library of South Australia collection, purports to show this aeroplane
                                     "somewhere on an air strip in South Australia" in 1922.   Formerly registered in the 1919 U.K.
                                     series as K-107, this was the machine which was used on an attempt on the Cairo to Cape
                                     Town record with a prize of £10,000 from the Daily Mail.      It was flown by Vickers pilots
                                     Capt S. Cockerell and Capt F.C.G. Broome, although crashed at Tabora, Tanganyika on
                                     27 February 19020.  It was ostensibly written off.    I say ostensibly since, if it really did show
                                     up in SA in 1922 somebody (a) repaired it and (b) flew it out to Oz!    Comments, anyone?