G-AVZZ  Boeing 707-138C                                      (c/n  17699)


                                  Nice shot by Neville Parnell (via Greg Banfield) taken at Mascot as the aircraft was about to depart
                                  to its new owner early in 1968.   The 707 was formerly Qantas' VH-EBD although even in the close
                                  up (below) the new rego is barely discernable under the shadow of the tailplane cast by the fierce
                                  Sydney summer sun.   Originally delivered to Qantas in Auugust of 1959 it was sold to British Eagle
                                  in January of 1968, and departed on delivery on 1 February of that year when Neville's shot was
                                  taken.   It later went to Laker Airways and finally wound up, after several charter stints, at Le Bourget
                                  Airport, Paris, where it was scrapped in 1983 carrying the US registration  N500JJ.