G-ARVC  Vickers VC.10-1101                                                (c/n  806)                     


                              The Vickers VC10 was developed in response to a BOAC requirement for a large airliner
                              capable of operating from "hot and high" airfields (particularly for the African continent).  It
                              was powered by 4 Rolls Royce Conway turbofans generating some 21,900 lbs of thrust each,
                              mounted on the aft fuselage, Caravelle-style.   The aircraft were used initially on services to east
                              and west Africa, although latterly on most world-wide routes.  There was also a Super VC.10
                              version incorporating improved economics.  I had the unfortunate experience to fly them occasion-
                              ally on business trips between the US and Australia (if I couldn't get on Pan Am at short notice).
                              I say unfortunately, because, in order to achieve said economics, BOAC had pitched the economy
                              class seats for midgets and anyone over 6 ft tall suffered mightily on the long Pacific haul.   Trust me,
                              it was murder!   Jennifer Gradidge photographed G-ARVC at London Airport in 1964 whilst the
                              aircraft was on turnaround from Lagos, Nigeria.