G-AOEO  Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer            (c/n 503)


                                       In 1957 Swissair played around with the concept of transporting skiers to resort areas using
                                       STOL aircraft.  This Twin Pin was seconded, for three months, to the airline.  It is seen here
                                       on frozen Moritzer Lake deplaning passenegers.  Since the aircraft was not registered in Swit-
                                       zerland it was not permitted to carry the normal Swiss white cross on the fin and rudder and
                                       had to make do, instead, with the Swissair logo.  In the event the experiment was not continued,
                                       albeit that it did prove the feasibility of the concept.  This particular Twin Pioneer came to grief
                                       in Libya later in 1957 whilst flying for an oil exploration outfit .  Very few Twin Piuoneers were
                                       used in pure airline operatuon.