G-ANTF  Lockheed L-749A Constellation                        (c/n  2504)


                                     This was formerly Qantas' VH-EAF, sold by them to BOAC in July 1954 as G-ANTF and
                                     named 'Berkeley'.   BOAC flew it for three years and in December 1957 it was sold to the
                                     Babb Co Inc, a large US used aircraft broker, who had it registered N9816F.   After stints
                                     with a couple of non-sked airlines (notably Transocean and Capitol Airways) in February
                                     1964 it returned to the UK, and to G-ANTF, for ACE Freighters.   Greg Banfield saw it at
                                     Mascot (above) in October 1965.    Some years later it was wfu and stored at Coventry's
                                     Baginton Airport.   It was destroyed by fire in February 1970.