G-ANBB  Bristol 175 Britannia 102                  (c/n  12903)


                                     Here's an historic shot.  It shows the second production Britannia, G-ANBB standing near the statue
                                     of Alcock and Brown (first to fly across the Atlantic) at London Airport in 1957.  The statue is still
                                     at Heathrow, but has been resited.  The background of this image is interesting:  Note two Pan Am
                                     DC-6Bs (nearest the camera is N6521C) and the 1954 (I think) Vauxhall Velox on the tarmac.
                                     Like its sister ship, G-ANBA, G-ANBB went to Britannia Airways in 1964.    However, on 1st
                                     September 1966, G-ANBB was on a charter flight from Luton to Ljubljana in Slovenia with 110
                                     passengers up when it crashed into trees on approach to Ljubljana Airport..  92 passengers and
                                     six of the crew were killed.    The probable cause given after the investigation indicated that the
                                     captain had failed to set his altimeter to the QFE as passed by the controller.  He was, apparently,
                                     flying with the QNH setting.  The difference between the two at Ljublana Airport is evidently about
                                    1000 ft.  Failure on the part of the co-pilot to cross check the two altimeters was also cited in the