G-ALHG  Canadair C.4 Argonaut                        (c/n  153)


                                     Another Canadair photograph of an Argonaut, pre-delivery, taken, presumably, over the Lac
                                     St. Pierre area on the St. Lawrence River just downstream from the plant at Dorval.   It was
                                     sold to Derby Airways in 1961 and passed to British Midland three years later.  On 4 June
                                     1967, G-ALHG was inbound to Manchester International Airport from Palma de Mallorca on
                                     an ILS approach to runway 24.  ATC reported the aircraft to be left of the centreline. The crew
                                     initiated a right turn, during which the number 4 engine lost power, followed by the number 3
                                     engine.   The crew elected to overshoot and continued a full right turn during which the aircraft
                                     lost altitude.  The left wing struck a 3-storey building and was ripped off, causing the aircraft to
                                     crash in a small,  relatively open space near tall blocks of flats and other buildings.  72 of the 84
                                     souls on boartd were killed.  During the investigation it was ascertained that both engines had
                                     suffered fuel starvation probably through an inadvertent crossfeed of fuel during the flight.