G-ALHC  Canadair C.4 Argonaut                                         (c/n  145)


                                    G-ALHC was the first Canadair C.4 produced.  BOAC called them Argonauts, but that was really
                                    the Class name and not quite the same the as the "North Star" Type name which Canadair had dub-
                                    bed its forerunner, the DC-4M2.   Notable differences between this machine and the DC-4 were,
                                    of course, the Rolls Royce Merlin engines and the square, DC-6 type windows.   BOAC used their
                                    Argonauts more or less exclusively on their African routes.  G-ALHC is seen above in very early
                                    (1949) BOAC livery.    Several of these machines were sold in 1960 to the Royal Rhodesian Air
                                    Force, G-ALHC included, which became 601-N (pseudo civil registration VP-YZN).  It was
                                    repatriated back to the U.K. in 1964 for Air Links and broken up at Redhill in 1965.