G-AILC  Miles M.57 Aerovan IV                        (c/n  6392)


                                     One incongruity I have noticed regarding British aircraft manufacturers of the 1940s and 1950s
                                     is that they were able assign many different mark numbers to types with very limited production
                                     runs.  The Aerovan above is a typical example.  Although only 50 of these light utility transports
                                     was built, Miles managed to come up with 6 different marques of it.   The Mark IV above was
                                     the most numerous (40 built) and differed from the Mark III in detail only.    The aircraft was
                                     constructed of bonded plywood and hence did not do well in tropical climes.   Note triple tail
                                     and very low aspect ratio wings.  G-AILC was one of four which went to Spain in November
                                     of 1947, becoming EC-ABA.