G-AHNL  Avro 688 Tudor 4B                          (c/n  1345)


                                       G-AHNL was one of the original Tudor Mk 1s built for British South American Airways Corp in
                                       1950.  It was one of four which were dragged out of storage at Manchester Airport and acquired
                                        Freddy Laker's Air Charter Ltd.  They were fitted with 6 ft 10 in (2.1 m) by 5 ft 5 in (1.7 m) cargo
                                       doors aft by Aviation Traders and designated Super Trader 4B.. Seen above in a take off from a
                                       slide in the Geoff Goodall collection is this shot of G-AHNL at Perth Airport, Western Australia
                                       on Boxing Day, 1958.   At the time of this photograph Air Charter (London) held the contract for
                                       the British Ministry of Supply to provide a weekly freighter/passenger courier run to the Woomera
                                       Rocket Range in South Australia.   G-AHNL was broken up at Stansted, Essex in February 1960.