G-AHCV   Douglas DC-3                                    (c/n 12443)


                                     G-AHCV, seen here at Hamburg Airport in the late 1940s was one of a fleet of 30 ex military
                                     RAF Dakotas operated by British European Airways from 1946 until the mid 1950s when they
                                     were replaced by Ambassadors and later by Viscounts.   BEA itself went out of existence,
                                     along with BOAC in 1974 when both airlines merged to form the current day British Airways.
                                     This particular aircraft was Dakota III KG408 civilianized in 1945 for BOAC and passed to
                                     BEA when that line was created in 1946.    It went on the fly with Channel Airways before
                                     being scrapped early in 1970.