G-AGPW  Bristol 167 Brabazon                                     (c/n 12759)

                                      During WW II a committee, under Lord Brabazon or Tara was formed to propose various types
                                      of transport aircraft which would be needed in the post-war years.  One of these was for an aircraft
                                      which could fly from London to New York nonstop.  Realize that in those days neither the pure jet
                                      nor prop-jet were considered viable options.  Bristol, which had several long range bomber designs
                                      in their portfolio came up with the Brabazon, named after the committee.    In the event, the major
                                      customer BOAC kept changing its mind as to what configuration it needed, prop-jets came along,
                                      and it was felt that passengers would not spend 12 hours in a large luxurious machine such as the
                                      Brabazon when they could reach their destination in a smaller, faster aircraft in seven.  Consequently,
                                      only one prototype was built and the program was scrapped entirely in 1953.   The stately machine
                                      is seen in the Bristol Aeroplane Company photograph above on short finals into the company's airfield
                                      at Filton.