G-AGND  Douglas DC-3                                    (c/n 26725)


                                    The above image came from a rotogravure post card printed in Nicosia in the 1940s.  Considering
                                    that, it's not too bad.  Michael Davie's contribution (below) is also from a post card and shows -GND
                                    at Beirut Airport, in the early 1950s. .  The rego has been relocated to the tail and is scarcely visible
                                    in this reproduction.   Cyprus Airways was founded in September 1947 as a joint venture between the
                                    Cypriot Government, British European Airways and private interests.  Operations commenced on
                                    18 April 1948 with Douglas DC-3s.  G-AGND was a former RAF Dakota IV (KK142) which
                                    was civilianized for BOAC in 1945.  Cyprus Airways acquired it in 1948.  It  was sold in the 1950s
                                    to Bahamas Airways as VP-BBT when Cyprus began using BEA Vickers Viscounts on the Athens-
                                    Nicosia route.  BEA took over all actual operations of the airline in 1958.   The current airline of
                                    the same name is now owned by the Government of Cyprus.