G-AGJV  Douglas DC-3                                       (c/n  12195)


                                     This photograph, from the Jennifer Gradidge collection, is rare in that it shows a BOAC DC-3 in
                                     the immediate post WW II period whereby the aircraft is showing no airline identity other than the
                                     Speedbird on the nose.    It was a former RAF Dakota III (FZ638) and was civilianized in 1945.
                                     It was one of the DC-3s absorbed by BEA when that organization took over all European flights,
                                     and was later operated by Air Anglia.   It went to the British Virgin Islands in 1980 as VP-LVM.
                                     It was last sighted as a wreck in Puerto Rico, ostensibly registered N195SP but still wearing its
                                     Air BVI rego.