G-AFMK  Short S.32                                         (c/n S.1022)


                                  I don't normally include unbuilt projects, but Shorts were so confidant that they would complete
                                  the three prototypes of this four engined transport that they took out three registrations for them
                                  (G-AFMK/L/M) and allotted three c/ns (S.1022/3/4).   The aircraft was designed to Air Ministry
                                  specification 14/38 calling for a machine which could cruise at 275 m.p.h. at 25,000 ft and have
                                  a still air range of 3,370 miles.  Imperial Airways put their two cents' worth in and opted for a
                                  version which could carry 12 sleeper or 24 day time passengers.  Unfortunately WW II inter-
                                  vened and the entire project was put on hold in 1940.  When, three years later, Shorts turned
                                  their attention to the Brabazon Committee's requirements, the S.32 was not resurrected, the
                                  company opting for much larger designs.  These latter were private venture proposals and, in
                                  the event, Shorts were neither invited to tender, nor indeed even allowed access to details of
                                  specification 2/44.   Weird, considering their considerable experience with large aircraft.
                                  Political, no doubt.