G-AFCI  Short S.26 "G" Class                         (S.871)


                                     Excellent Short Bros photograph of "Golden Hind" at anchor at Rochester.   The three "G"
                                     Class 'boats were a development of the earlier "Empire" flying boats, although not delivered
                                     until June of 1939.  They were, therefore, almost immediately impressed into service with the
                                     RAF and were militarized by the inclusion of three dorsal gun turrets.   G-AFCI survived
                                     the war and was used by BOAC in 1946 on its Poole-Cairo route.  This service ceased in
                                     1947 and the aircraft was sold to an Australian operator for charter use.  In the event it was
                                     destroyed by a gale whilst at anchor at Harty Ferry and was scrapped in 1954.