G-AEVV  de Havilland D.H.91 Albatross                        (c/n  6800)


                                     Here's the prototype of the elegant Albatross shown after it had carried the B-class registration
                                     E-2, but before being handed over to the Imperial Airways when it was named  "Faraday".  Its
                                     first flight was in May of 1937.  The seven Albatross machines including the two prototypes were
                                     used briefly before WW II by Imperial Airways mainly on their Lisbon route.  In 1940 all were
                                     impressed into RAF use going to 271 Squadron where they were used on shuttle runs to Iceland.
                                     G-AEVV was impressed as AX903.   The plywood-balsa-plywood sandwich technique of this
                                     civil airliner became the basis for the construction used in the famous Mosquito bomber.