G-AEAB  Percival P.10 Vega Gull                           (c/n  K.20)


                                   Yes, I know the rego shows G-AEAD, (but that was a Mignet Pou de Ciel).  Evidently
                                   the sign writer heard it wrong and G-AEAB was first painted -AD.  This rare shot is from
                                   John Geary in New Zealand.     It was taken at the original home of Percival Aircraft at
                                   Gravesend in 1935 just after the aircraft (the prototype) had been rolled out.  The company
                                   moved to Luton that same year.  G-AEAB was entered in the 1936 King's Cup Air Race.
                                   It came to grief in Tanganyika later (30 September) that same year and was written off.